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Tổng hợp tư liệu học UX Research

Why conduct UX Research?

[Medium | Design at IBM] “The vital role of user research

It's not just about conducting research, it's about doing it the right way, and asking the right questions. Bad research can be as costly as no research. See: What Walmart’s Cleanliness Experiment Teaches about Customer Feedback

How to conduct UX Research (the process)

[Draft Revise] Research Routine

[User Interviews] UX Research Field Guide

Research Planning

Research Plan Template - Google Slides Template | Google Doc Template

Participant Recruitment


Some Research Methods

Interviews & Focus Groups

[Interaction Design Foundation] How to conduct focus groups

Usability Testing

Diary Studies


[Medium | Erika Hall] On Surveys

Participatory Design

[Medium | Cliff Lampe] Readings on participatory design

[Wicked Problems] Participatory Design

Ethnographic Research

[UX Matters] Ethnography in UX

Guerrilla Research

[Medium | Interactive Mind] AirBnB Guerrilla Usability Testing


Remote Research


Making Sense of Research

Reporting Research Findings

Common (Foundational) Research Deliverables


Managing Research Insights

Other Useful Tips & Resources

[Medium | Christina Wodtke] Five Habits of Design Thinking

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