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Duy Linh Tran

Designing with purpose,
informed by data, 
human beings.

Award-winning designer with a proven track record in crafting world-class digital banking experiences. Experienced in leading cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions that blend user needs with business objectives. Strong advocate for data-driven design and customer-centric methodologies.

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Chase UK - Consumer app 

Onboarding Journey

Award-winning project


Financial planning and money management 


Core everyday mobile and internet banking 

​Caregiver's App

Caregiver experiences


Build banking design system

​About me


I'm a Vietnamese-born designer living in London, currently working at JPMorgan Chase and teaching Digital Interaction Design at the Goldsmiths University of London

My design philosophy begins with a focus on addressing human problems and creating products that improve people's lives. I value diversity and working in a multi-disciplinary team where collaboration and innovative thinking come together.

I enjoy community. In my spare time, I teach product design, write articles, and mentor designers worldwide.

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