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Caregivers App 🇺🇸

Adopting a lean design methodology and working with product teams yields amazing outcomes. The project delivery time has been improved by 39% while the new design was saving 2/3 construction efforts.


6 months

My Contribution 

•  Deliver end-to-end design services

•  Interaction design

•  Consult customers on requirement  

•  Developer collaboration

•  Develop the UI


•  Caregivers Manager 

•  Director

•  PM

•  BA

•  Developer



Digitize medical services and internal administrative processes

Our objective is to make the everyday job of caregivers more enjoyable and time-saving so they may have more flexibility in their work schedule and better life balance.

Tight time constraints and high level of requirement 

A product launch was crucial for my client, given the current COVID-19 epidemic. Lean Design was key. To meet our deadline, we had to design iteratively and closely with engineers.



Caregivers struggle to transfer patient information to other caregivers as required


Medical data are recorded manually in a logbook, making it difficult for caretakers to retrieve information. allergies, dietary, medication, etc


Most patient documentation are on paper, making search and maintenance difficult


1. The app allows caregivers to keep track of their patients' daily schedules.

2. Caregivers may also arrange the care recipient's daily activities including appointments, medicine, housekeeping, and cleaning.

3. Aware of important caring information such as major health concerns, illnesses, vaccines, allergies, etc.


Dashboard 2.png
Dashboard 3.png

The primary goal of the dashboard is to help caregivers manage their work in a day

The dashboard needs to be clear on

1. How many tasks for today? What is the distribution of task type?

2. What is task order? Which task is coming soon?

3. When will the caregiver finish? 




Caregivers check their calendars at a certain time (before or after their shift) to better prepare for the next day or week

The calendar is an essential tool for carers to organise their work weekly and monthly, thus we offer them with options at the top to view their work in the timeline for the day.

✅  Importing

✅  Sharing

✅  Synchronizing

✅  Crossing out

✅  Categories




One reliable source for keeping records that caregivers can always carry. Budget management made simple for them

Expense tracking allows caregivers to record the details of each daily transaction without having to write them down in a notebook. It is also easier to keep track of how much each patient spends each week or month.

The deadlines for the project we worked together were aggressive and Linh was always able to deliver on time. Linh demonstrated an exceptional commitment, great experience on his field, high customer engagement skills, and strong knowledge about the project overall. Additionally, Linh always showed a positive attitude and enthusiasm during the multiple discussions. He is great capturing and tracking requirements in a single interaction.

I highly recommend his work.

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